Real Estate Consulting

Personalised services for real estate investors:

  • Property market valuations

  • Property taxation advice & settlements

  • Legal & Insurance property services

  • Property management assistance

  • Plan - Design - Complete services

  • Contract Management (purchase, sale, lease)

Real Estate Brokerage

Personalised brokerage services for real estate clients: 

  • Promotion of property for sale or lease

  • Acquisition of property

  • Sale and lease negotiations

  • Finalisation of on-site Business Development

Real Estate Development

Project development services from our associates:

  • Architectural planning

  • Key-in-Hand projects

  • Smart Building Solutions

  • Energy efficient construction modelling


& Remodelling

Advancement in structure & design:

  • Building code & safety standards

  • Building use conversions

  • Accessibility issue solutions (elderly, handicap)

  • Design modernisation

  • Investment in value (increase energy efficiency) 

Real Estate Financing

We offer unique financial solutions to partners active in real estate development projects throughout Greece, by: 

  • aiding & offering them solutions by using existing financial institutions

  • pairing them with the right solution, whether that be fundraising, money transfer, lending, asset management, or other

  • helping them grow by offering better and more useful financial products

  • staying within boundaries and in agreement with the industry standards

  • offering various opportunities to investors that can now commit capital on products with much lower minimums, allowing them more diversification, and higher potential returns than in the former models

To a selected group of real estate development we offer solutions to alternative financing, directly from players across the Alternative Finance global value chain. By assisting our partners, we are both experts and disruptors by pioneering alternative financing in the field in which our partners operate. We have received contributions & secured investments from parties across Austria, Germany, Canada, Norway, & post-Soviet States.

We are keen in assuring to our investors "Good Returns (double digit yields are common)" and "Enhanced Transparency & Portfolio Diversification".