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Meet The Team

Ioannis BW profile.JPG

Ioannis Grimpilas
| BWC Founder |

Director of Global Accounts
International Trade Specialist,
Real Estate Broker & Developper

Ioannis holds a documented history of work in the food & beverages, agricultural, real estate, insurance, & retail industries.  Extensive knowledge in global trade development. Over two decades of real estate experience in commercial brokerage & management. Ioannis is multilingual, with strong communication skills in greek, english, french, spanish, & german.

Sofia Raisaki - Attorney at Law, Blue White Consulting

Sofia Raisaki
Attorney at Law, Accredited Mediator for the Hellenic Ministry of Justice

Sofia is practicing lawyer and consultant with an emphasis on Civil, Criminal, Banking, Insurance, and International Law. Sofia holds various graduate & post-graduate degrees, and bears certificates in various fields of law in order to inform and participate in all legislative matters. She is an accredited mediator/arbitrator for the Ministry of Justice and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Sofia is multilingual, with strong communication skills in greek, english, & french.

Theodoros Kafetzoglou - Real Estate Development Contractor, Blue White Consulting

Theodoros Kafetzoglou
Real Estate Project Planner &
Development Contractor, Mechanical & Electrical Civil Engineer

Theodoros plans, manages, & supervises all aspects of the real estate prospecting, construction planning & development phases of our real estate projects. Theodoros has almost four decades of experience in the field, with a highly decorated positions in both the public & private sector. Project background includes all segments of residential, commercial, and industrial development. Theodoros is multilingual, with strong communication skills in greek, italian, & german.

Irena Skouta - Architect, Blue White Consulting

Irena Skouta

BSc. Architecture,
Certified HVAC & Sanitary Installation apartment  building  technician, Contact Coordinator with DE-AT-CH

Irena is a permanent resident and Technical University graduate of Vienna. She is our coordinator with clients in Austria,  Germany, & Switzerland. Irena is multilingual, with strong communication skills in greek, english, german, and bulgarian.

Γιώργος Φαφούτης.jpg

Giorgos Fafoutis

Commercial Joint-Venture Trade Coordinator for Latin America,  Business Conference & Special Events Organiser 

Giorgos leads our commercial joint-venture in the promotion of trade with the Latin American markets, focusing extensively on Brazil. He also has extensive experience in the planning & establishment of Conferences, Team Adventure Programs,  Theme  Villages & Theme Parks.

Giorgos is multilingual, with strong communications skills in Greek, English, Portuguese, & Spanish.

Elena Dima - Accounting & Taxation Expert, Blue White Consulting

Elena Dima

Accounting & Taxation Expert for Businesses & Corporations

Elena analyzes, projects,  consults, & approves all financing aspects related to our client needs, our development projects, our expansion planning, and our offered services.  Elena is multilingual, with strong communication skills in greek, english, & german.

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