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full service agency

REAL ESTATE | We undertake the development of real estate assets by managing their promotion by brokerage, and servicing their complete management cycle / vertical property management [short, vacation, long-term investments, high ROI commercial investments]. We consult on topics real estate law, assisting in issues of real estate property inheritance, while being involved in the assistance and implementation of various construction projects. Our field of activity is focused in all the aspects of real estate, whether that be the residential, commercial, vacation rental, or as in alternative projects.

BUSINESS | We assist any-sized business with their corporate establishment and expansion activities. Our agency provides support and coverage for all the needs of a business, such as its new property establishment, creation and development of domestic and international business projects, submission to public tenders, sourcing supplies, and application for funding programs.

EMPHASIS | We place trust on the extent & years of experience that our team members have, each in their relevant professional field. We achieve our goal thanks to the experienced and specialized partners that our agency has both in Greece and abroad.

the objective

We will help you think about your business in a whole new way, bringing a new perspective to the long-term challenges, and helping you to envision and achieve a future with unlimited possibilities.

Our goal is to leverage your strengths to ensure that your actions continue to be fruitful. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your next steps.

Together we confront and solve needs, provide  customised solutions, stand by with results oriented service, work together through the processes, until you reach your path to success. We embark on a journey where by the guidance of our knowledge and tools, you overcome all obstacles. We share a lifetime portfolio of projects, contacts, events and experiences that have coloured our lives. This is our priceless knowledge. 

Urban Modern Interior Design
city buildings


Skyline New York

Our Expertise


commercial investments
developments in real estate
developments in agriculture
leads in  telecommunication
full migration services


international accounts
real estate brokerage
land development
commercial & residential
vacation | rental management
investment management
inheritance settlement



due diligence
risk assurance

customer support
insurance coverage
legal support

offshore / taxation havens


client representation
client auditing

import | export
global sourcing
international sales

smart ideas by smart people

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